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Hair loss, thinning of the hair, weak, limp, hair, or stubbornly short hair that refuses to grow-sometimes there’s no other way to express the frustration of it other than to say ‘This sucks!’ When you lose something that you’re (quite literally) attached to, you shed more than just hair follicles. It can feel like you’re shedding your femininity, shedding a part of your identity, but most of all- shedding away your choice to present yourself to the world how YOU want, without the aid of wigs, backcombing, or an extensive hat collection.

It’s important to know that if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning, if your hair has been beaten by the impact of heating, bleaching, and everything in between, your problem is not a hopeless one. It is not out of your hands. It’s not time to invest in expensive wigs or extensions. There is a pro-active solution to giving you back your hair-confidence.

It’s called Hairbella and it is specially formulated not just to grow hair faster but to grow it strong, grow it full, and let you grow it out on your own terms.


Who is Hairbella For?


If you’re struggling to grow your hair out...

Hairbella is for you


If you want healthier, more manageable hair...

Hairbella is for you


If you want to reduce hair loss...

Hairbella is for you


If you have damaged or colored hair...

Hairbella is for you


If you're looking for Red Carpet Worthy™ hair...

Hairbella is for you


If you want to smile again about your hair...

Hairbella is for you

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What makes it work?

Here’s the thing about haircare products, or all beauty products for that matter. They are only as good as the formula behind them; not only the ingredients involved but the selected measurements of those ingredients, and how they work in tandem with each other.

It’s like baking a cake. If it’s going to be a success, the flour needs to be sieved through, the butter and sugar blended together before adding flour, the oven preheated to the right temperature, the mixture baked for the right length of time. All these processes have their place, and contribute to the success of the finished product. In other words, the formula determines its value, not its price-tag. Recognizing this, we have spent countless hours testing various blends of varying ratios.

The Hairbella formula works so well because every element serves a unique purpose at every stage of growth, from the cleansing of the scalp to the repair of the root and the rebuilding of hair follicles.

To say that Hairbella is no more than a prenatal multivitamin ignores the specialized components of our formula which you won’t find in prenatal supplements. Yes, there is an overlap. Of course there is. Because so many of the nutrients a young fetus needs to grow a strong body and mind are the same ones we need to grow a strong head of hair. Folic acid, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorous, vitamins A, C, D, and E, Riboflavin, thiamine, b12, and niacin are present in our hair growth supplement and in most prenatal vitamins.

But we also leverage the power of acutely focused ingredients clinically proven to aid hair growth and repair damaged tresses.

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Superfoods Proven to Boost Hair Growth

*Just a few of the all-natural ingredients in Hairbella® proven to drive superior results



Scientifically speaking, Biotin is a B complex vitamin that aids in converting food into energy. The word stems from Greek origin, and translates as ‘life’ or ‘sustenance’ which is exactly what it does for your hair. What Biotin does is create a fertile landscape for hair to grow by stimulating the metabolism of scalp oils. A lack of Biotin in the body is often symptomatic of alopecia. And although most of us acquire sufficient levels from our food, an increase can further encourage healthy hair growth.



As the thyroid is tasked with maintaining hormone equilibrium, and hair loss is so often due to a hormone imbalance, it stands to reason that problems with the thyroid are almost always linked to hair loss and thinning. What scientists uncovered was that iodine as iodide worked well in keeping the thyroid under control, thus alleviating the likelihood of hair loss. With almost one third of the world suffering from iodine deficiency, it is an essential combatant in our arsenal of hair-raising super-tools.



If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients on an anti-dandruff shampoo (it can get boring in the shower) you might have noticed the ingredient selenium, which is used to fight against it. Selenium leverages protein rich foods to enhance hair regeneration and kills off the fungus Malassezia, which can grow on the scalp, causing dandruff.

It is often recommended by doctors in conjunction with zinc to combat hair loss.


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